Rigid clear Acrylic Tube

Rigid clear acrylic tube available in metric and imperial sizes in 2 metre lengths (metric) and 1.83 metre lengths (imperial)

Clear  acrylic ( perspex )  tubes are available in cast acrylic and extruded material.

Cast perspex acrylic tubes are often used for Point of sales displays as well as for sight glasses in the food industry as well as on machinery. Rigid clear acrylic tube can be glued.

Acrylic tube Sizes available include:

  • 6/3mm
  • 8/4mm
  • 10/6mm
  • 12/8mm
  • 20/14mm
  • 25/19mm
  • 30/24mm
  • 40/34mm
  • 50/44mm
  • 100/94mm
  • 120/114mm
  • 150/144mm
  • 200/194mmmoney box made from rigid acrylic tube